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A host of cultural, entertainment, and employment opportunities abound just outside your front door. Enjoy a stroll through the Myriad Gardens or hop on the trolley to take in the sights. Connect next door to the Underground, over 3,000 feet of renovated tunnels that link you to 30+ downtown destinations. Walk across the street to the Ron Norrick Library, up to the OKC Museum of Art, or across to the Civic Center for a dose of Oklahoma City culture. And don’t forget that all of downtown’s corporate employers are located just steps away from your front door.

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A $2 million renovation and enhancement of the three-quarter-mile tunnel system that links 16 blocks and more than 30 buildings in downtown. The original tunnel link was built in 1931 and most of the remaining system was developed in the 1970s and was named after city leader Jack Conn. The system was renamed the Underground when the major remodeling was completed. The Elliott Associates architectural firm developed the renovation plan, which includes an exciting lighting plan, new wall colors, a graphics/signage system and new carpet as the main elements of the renovation. In addition, a gallery-style display of historic photographs of Oklahoma City will help inform and educate visitors to downtown.